Have you ever had the opportunity to observe the globular cluster Omega Centauri or the surface of the moon and its many craters?

Omega CentauriWe offer you the chance of a lifetime – observations through one of the world’s best amateur telescopes, a 430 mm PlaneWave Astrograph at Rooisand’s own observatory under a perfect, absolutely crystal clear, dark sky near the Gamsberg and at an altitude of more than 1280 meters!

Since the summer of 2013, Rooisand owns one of the largest and most modern telescope combinations for “public viewing” in Namibia – set up in a 3.2m dome.

We invite our guests to book a guided astronomical observation, our Astro Tour, during their stay and to explore the secrets of the Namibian Starry Sky.

Do not miss this fascinating experience and talk to us.

Are you already an accomplished amateur astronomer?

If you have sound technical knowledge and are familiar with technical equipment similar to ours held at the observatory, you may opt to rent the entire observatory exclusively and pursue your hobby under almost optimal conditions. Please visit “The Observatory for rent“, detailed information and reference pictures can be found here.

Or explore the possibilities of our partnership with Deep Sky Safaris – offering a vast range of equipment for rent during your stay at Rooisand.

We thank our friends from the Volkssternwarte Darmstadt e.V. for the insightful account of their visit to Rooisand in July 2022.  Read all about it here or watch a preview of their astounding visual experiences.

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