Are you already an accomplished amateur astronomer?

We invite you to follow your hoppy extensively in Rooisand’s own well-equipped observatory!
Our state-of-the-art telescope/astrograph combination is, to date, the largest available for public viewing, while the Gamsberg surrounds offers ideal star gazing conditions!

The observatory is situated approximately 2,5km away from the guest house on a lonely hill. Adjacent to it, the Mountain Chalet offers peace and quiet during the day for you to recharge for your nightly observation activities undisturbed. The Chalet is fully equipped and furnished for a maximum of 4 self-caterers (2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, kitchen, living/dining area, sun terrace and balcony), however, you may, of course, opt to enjoy additional meals at the farm restaurant.

An inventory list of the observatory is available here and for only N $ 2,500 per night (today about USD 167.79 oder GBP 130.50) you can book the entire observatory exclusively for your own use.

Kindly note that we will require verification of your experience and technical expertise with equipment equal or similar to ours held at the observatory.

Detailed information and descriptive images can be found on our dedicated pages at

For further questions kindly use our contact form.