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November 2013 -
New telescope equipment for Rooisand Observatory

January 2014 -
Outside camping site avalaible
Rooisand ... November 2013/January 2014
For almost two years, the Rooisand Observatory dome was without telescope. Then, in early spring 2013, two massive boxes, weighing close to 750 kg and containing the long-awaited new telescope equipment, were delivered to Rooisand Desert Ranch.
Two specialists from Germany arrived in early August and - together with our Rooisand team – assembled and erected the new telescope.

"First Light", introduction and transfer to our management was concluded at the end of August.
The Rooisand Observatory now hosts one of the biggest and most contemporary telescope combinations available for public viewing in Namibia - mounted in a 3.2 meter astronomical dome under the darkest night sky in Africa!

Rooisand guests are welcome to book a guided star-gazing tour during their stay at the lodge. Enquiries can be directed to lifestyle@rooisand.com


Starting in January 2014 Rooisand has - embedded into the magnificent landscape - additionally a new "Outside" Campsite for self-drivers or guests, who prefer to sleep in a tent. The campsite has 5 generous separated places - completely plane leveled and stone-free - on sand, so that also tents can be positioned without any problems. Each separated place dispose
  • Own cold water connection,
  • Own barbeque grill and
  • Power supply (socket-norm European and Namibian, Voltage: 220 volts of alternating current).

Furthermore there are additionally sufficient WC's and showers (with hot and cool water) at disposal (located in the buildings with the blue roof in the Background).
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