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 It's spring again at Rooisand
 Rooisand expands, a shipment from Germany
 Eagerly expected by our astronomy guests
 DLR visits Rooisand Observatory
Rooisand ... Late August 2007
Spring arrived at Rooisand in late August. After the very mild winter, flowers started to appear all over the farm even without a drop of rain. Cacti, whitethorn acacias and camel thorn trees were all in full bloom. Just look at these pictures.

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Juli 2007

After a delay of several weeks the Rooisand team finally took delivery of a long-awaited container in the middle of July. Namibian custom officials inspected the shipment on-site and then our staff was able to start unloading the container.

Among other things it contained the furnishings for the new conference facilities at Rooisand; furthermore a generous donation from the company B. Braun in Melsungen, Germany, consisting of medical items like disposable syringes, dressings and much more for the small medical centre in Rooisand Village. The donated material filled several cubic metres in the container
and the quantities were so generous that Rooisand will pass on some of it to the State Hospital in Windhoek.

The delicate load was cushioned with 3-ply German toilet paper. In fact, each and every bit of space in the container was filled with toilet rolls.

Anybody who has battled with the flimsy local variety knows why we prefer to
import the stuff, and our guests certainly appreciate this service.
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Also tucked away in the container, and eagerly awaited by our astronomer guests: extensive additions to the portable equipment of our observatory.

By now Rooisand is known as an "astronomic centre" all over the country. Thus our observatory is not only rented out to amateur astronomers on a regular basis, but increasing numbers of
day visitors also book an evening for astronomical observation with expert guidance.
Also in July 2007, scientists from the German Aerospace Center (DLR) in Berlin visited Rooisand. The DLR is busy with a research project on so-called exoplanet search: extrasolar planets which orbit around fixed stars beyond the solar system. The prototype of an observation station for this purpose is currently being tested in Chile.

Plans are to build another station - which will be fully computer - controlled via the internet - in Namibia. The visiting scientists carried out test observations (seeing conditions and transparency of the atmosphere) from Rooisand Observatory and gathered information about the logistics offered by Rooisand.

The test observations were very successful and the logistics at Rooisand
were considered to be so excellent that the DLR has decided to build the planned observation station at Rooisand. A specific site has already been earmarked, and the station is expected to be ready in 2011/2012.
And last but not least: Rooisand Village happily welcomed a new arrival in 2007 !
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