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 Spring at Rooisand
 Touring Bushmen visit Rooisand Observatory
 Partial eclipse of the sun over Rooisand
Rooisand ... September 2006
At Rooisand winter gave way to spring at the end of August. Flowers appeared all over the farm - without a single drop of rain. Here are some images:
Bushmen on Tour

Rooisand Observatory had a group of very special visitors on 10 September 2006. Windhoek tour operator Carsten Möhle of Bwana Tours was travelling
Namibia with the inhabitants of an entire little Bushman village in the north to show them their home country. None of them had ever left the familiar surroundings of their village before. On the way from Windhoek to the coast the party stopped at Rooisand to see the Observatory. The observatory was of particular interest because the night sky and celestial bodies feature prominently in the oral tradition of the Bushmen.
On 22 September a partial eclipse of the sun was visible over Rooisand. The celestial spectacle could be seen early in the afternoon, from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m.

Attending expert guests saw to it that our farm staff and other guests were able to admire the phenomenon through our large binoculars, equipped with a safety filter film. A series of pictures of the eclipse was taken with a digital camera and solar prism at the observatory's Zeiss telescope.
Just 26 hours after the solar eclipse (new moon) our guests were able to watch the moon set: it was still an extremely slim crescent at that stage and an extraordinary sight.
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