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NTB (Namibia Tourism Board) and of
Rooisand interacts active with
GOBABEB, The Gobabeb Training and Research Centre is a Southern African Development Community (SADC) Centre of Excellence focusing on promoting understanding of the interactions between arid zone ecology and human activities.

Since 1962, the Centre has been one of Southern Africa's foremost centres of arid lands research. Its new focuses on appropriate technology and training mean that the Centre remains highly relevant to sustainable development in Namibia and Southern Africa as a whole.
From time to time and on demand Rooisand Desert Ranch is supporting international research projects. In the year 2002 we host a team of scientists from the University of Giessen / Germany, who was working at a project of Arachnologie (Spiders).

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US Embassy in Windhoek, Namibia
Südafrika Consulate of the Republic of South Africa
1st Floor, M & Z Building,
8th Street,
Walvis Bay
Phone + 264 (0)64 20 77 71
Fax + 264 (0)64 20 70 42

British Embassy in Windhoek, Namibia
P O Box 22202 116 Robert Mugabe Avenue Windhoek
Phone: (264) (61) 274800
Fax:: (264) (61) 228895
Email: bhc@mweb.com.na
Opening Hours: Mon-Thur: 0600-1100 / 1200-1500Fri: 0600-1000 (Apr-Sep)

Namibia Tourism Board - Office UK (also Irland, Schottland, Skandinavien)
6 Chandos Street London W1G 9LU
Phone: + 44 207 636-2924
Fax: + 44 207 636-2969
Email: info@namibiatourism.co.uk

Offical hompage of the Namibian Government

Director of Tourism Private Bag

The Namibian - Independent newspaper

M-Web Namibia - english-written website with news and presently informations about Namibia

Touristclick- Informations-, Addresses-, Links for travellers

The country Namibia (partly englisch)
General Newspaper

Safaris - Hubting - Fishing
Fish for Fun CC  download tour - suggestions as pdf-file
Outstanding and individual Dophin- and Seal (and other) Crusies,
starting in Walvis Bay
Catamaran Charters

Bwana  (lndividual travel tours, german language)
Namibia Travel Online

Namibias Airline
Air Namibia

South African Airline

German Airline

German Airline

German Airline

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