Self-drive excursions - Etosha National Park
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Etosha Pan

A trip to Etosha National Park is an absolute MUST for any animal lover.
Accommodation in the park is available in three resorts: Okaukuejo, Halali and Namutoni. Overnight visitors have to stay in the resort of their choice between sunrise and sunset; day visitors have to leave the park before sunset.

The distance from Rooisand to Etosha National Park is considerable; the trip will easily take the best part of a day. One of the possible routes is via Swakopmund, Karibib und Outjo. From Swakopmund it is tarred road all the way, but nevertheless it is a long drive of around 600 km and if you want to do it in one day you have to leave Rooisand at sunrise.

Our recommendation: relax at Rooisand for a few days, then drive to Etosha (spend at least two nights) and come back to Rooisand for a few more days before you have to return home.
The resorts are closed at sunset and may not be left before sunrise. During the day, between sunrise and sunset, visitors can move freely on the designated roads. For your own safety, however, it is strictly prohibited to leave your vehicle. The only exceptions are several enclosures with toilets. It is strictly prohibited to remain outside the resorts at night in your vehicle, too.

There are some 40 to 50 watering places in Etosha National Park. These are regularly frequented by the animals, especially during the dry season, which gives visitors the opportunity to watch large numbers of them at leisure.

In addition there is a good chance of seeing baby animals, because many game species have their offspring during the dry season.
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When parts of the salt pan of Etosha fill up with water during the rainy season, animals move there in large herds and there are not so many to watch at the watering places anymore.

Since the capacity of the Etosha resorts is limited, it is advisable to book well in advance.

Each of the three resorts sports an illuminated watering place where animals can be watched after sunset from within the resort.
Elephant ... giraffe and ... zebra are common sights
Gnus are rather shy and ... a bit of luck is needed to spot lions in the open
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Overnight stays in the Etosha camps can be booked and reserved at Bwana Tours travel agency.

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